This is the story of a mannequin behind the stage of a circus. Inspired by the artists he sees, he comes alive and tries to imitate their art.



2019 Nov - 2020 Jan4 - Cirque Dreams Holidayze Show, Gaylord Rockies Resort Denver USA

2019 NCL Breakaway Ship Cirque Dreams USA

2018-19 Da-Capo Variete Germany

2018 NCL Breakaway Ship Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy ( Baltic )

2017-18GOP Variete Toys show (Bonn)Germany

2017 NCL Breakaway ship Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy diner show (USA)

2016-17 GOP Variete TOYS Show (Bremen)Germany

Hanska Shatra Variete (Bulgaria)

2015-16 Wintergarten Variete 

( Berlin )

2015 Europa-Park Variete White Balance show (Rust,Germany)

2015  Privet Gallo Show 

(Seychelles Baie Lazare)

2014-15  Circus Roncalli's Winterträume (Germany)

Herbalife Gallo Show "Blues" 


Nacional State Circus (Kiev)

Sport Gallo Show (Germany) 

2013-14 Europa-Park Diner Show RefleXion (Germany)

2012-13  GOP Variete Toys show (Germany)

2012  Et-cetera Variete (Germany)

2012  Cirque Production tour (USA)

2011  Roncalli's Apollo Variete (Germany)

2011  Trans Studio (Indonesia)

2010-11 Cirque Dreams Holidaze (USA)

2010 The Mystery Of Giant Elephants by Kornilovs show (Russia)

2009  Cirque Dreams Holidaze (USA)

Russian Circus Company " Kornilovs Show" ( Russia)

Globol State Circus (Romania)

2008-09 Berlin Traumtheater Salome (Germany)

2008 Cirque Dreams Coobrila (USA)

2007 Cirque Dreams Illumination 


2006 Variete Sunny Beach (Bulgaria)

2005-06 Traumtheater Salome (Germany tour)






"European Youth Circus" Wiesbaden Germany - Russia State Circus Company Special Prize
"SolyCirco" Sylt Germany - Circus Roncalli Special Prize
Youth Circus Festival Circus Nikulin Moscow Russia

TV Show:


1st Channel ORT TV show Moscow Russia

Channel Inter TV Show Kiev

Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde TV Show Paris

Circo Massimo Rome Italy

1st Channel Peshiy Nacionalniy TV Show Kiev

slack wire balance juggling mime

Vitaliy wire
Vitaliy Ostroverhov slack-wire
Vitaliy Ostroverhov slack-wire
Ostroverhov Wire
Vitaliy Ostroverhov slack-wire
Vitaliy Ostroverhov slack-wire
Vitaliy Ostroverhov slack-wire
Vitaliy Ostroverhov slack wire, Виталий Островерхов

Running time: 5:50


technical requests arena Circus Variete stage  

Wire Stage.jpg


1-2 person

to install wire.


golf travel bag

- 32 kg



L 1.44m x 0.35 m W

H 0.39 m

Stage: Circus/Variete/

6 -11 meters 


Slack wire Ostroverhov
wire bag, slack wire,
Vitaliy Ostroverhov slack wire, slack wire,  Виталий Островерхов, slack-wire,
"Music" Zofka 
Nice - pearl song